A recent investigation conducted by an online jewellery retailer, Boticca, has shown an interesting insight into Facebook and Pinterest.

Boticca analysed its own user and sales data from Facebook and Pinterest to find out which one generated more sales. They looked at 50,000 visitors who came from Pinterest or Facebook between March 15th and April 15th of 2012.

They found that visitors from Pinterest spent considerably more money per order than those from Facebook. In fact, Pinterest refers on average spent $190, which is 10% higher than the average Boticca customer.
Facebook, on the other hand, sent over people who spent on average $85, or 44% less than the typical Boticca buyer. Pinterest also was responsible for sending a higher percentage of new Boticca users (86%) than Facebook (57%).

However, the analysis showed that while Pinterest users might buy more, they actually had a 51% lower conversion rate on the site than Facebook-sourced users and a whopping 73% lower than the site average.
All these findings are an early and narrow benchmark of how the social networks direct different people with different behaviors and mind sets.

What do you think of these findings and which social site has proven to increase your sales?