US-based Power Systems Design (PSD) is making a stronger push into Europe and editorial director Alix Paultre, will now share his time between New York and Wiesbaden, Germany, so he can attend more European events and provide a local presence for PSD clients.  According to Julia Stocks, PSD’s publisher, ““PSD has always had a strong European focus, and we have been publishing a European edition since the magazine’s inception over a decade ago”.

Alix Paultre, editorial director, Power Systems Design (on a visit to Bath)

Alix Paultre, editorial director, PSD, will now split his time between the US and Europe

Alix Paultre, who speaks fluent German, previously spent several years in Germany. He said,  “I love Europe and enjoy covering power engineering here, there are so many interesting and challenging things happening every day. From Italy to the UK, engineers are busy creating the future as we speak, and PSD is intent on covering those efforts directly and presenting that information to our international audience.” You can contact Alix at [email protected], and on his internationally-enabled phone line at +1 212-308-9469.