In the second part of this article on PPC , Ian Jarrett, Account Director at Pinnacle looks at dynamic landing pages.


Dedicated dynamic landing pages:

When you journey anywhere you want to ensure that you land in the right place, it’s exactly the same with PPC.  Once the searcher has clicked you need to take them to the place you want them to go to and they want to go to, you basically drive them there.  This is your opportunity to really optimise the campaign with relevant content that matches exactly what the searcher is looking for.  Its all about being relevant and prompting the viewer to take action based on the content.

Of course landing pages cannot be generic they need to be dynamically generated to match the search phrase or the conversion phrase.

For example if your customer is looking for Electrolytic capacitors then the landing page needs to be generated to be relevant to this term. Images and text associated with the search needs to be shown.

Once on your landing page what then?

Now that you have got their interest you need the viewer to take action.  That’s why we would always recommend strong call to actions. Buy now, speak to us, enquire here are all phrases that convert well.

On the landing page include a form that a viewer feels inspired to fill in, give them something for free for filling it in eg: a whitepaper, a catalogue, whatever in reality will wet the viewers appetite.  Once the form has been filled make the email it pops to dedicated to this campaign, but a champion in the office that looks after this and follow up quickly within normal business hours. Remember these people are looking now not in 24 hours!

Put a large customer service number on the page that the viewers cant miss. Give it a dedicated phone number for the campaign and when it rings answer it quickly, here is an ideal opportunity to close a deal. The time is now not 24 hours (I will repeat this often).  Once you have the customer don’t bounce them around your sales department, listen to their enquiry, give the information and always ask for the order (don’t forget cross sell/ upsell opportunities here as this is an ideal opportunity to add more value to each individual lead)

Always conduct split tests with landing pages, change the position of the pictures the number the form etc. See what works well and flex to accommodate.