In the third part of his article on PPC , Ian Jarrett, Account Director at Pinnacle looks at setting up an e commerce site


Have a relevant page within your e commerce site

This is probably the best area to drop them to if you want customers to self-serve and delivers the best ROI on a campaign.

For example customers may search for D type connectors, and your advert is displayed.  You then take the searcher to the relevant section in your e commerce site. From there they see what they need and buy (live search needs instant information.

The other option here is to consider bidding on part numbers.  This works very well for distributors who have competitors that have the same franchises.  You want to ensure that you get the enquiry and the order so this should be considered.  Look for parts that you know sell very well or have the potential to and have high margins. Then bid for them. When clicked drop them into the e commerce page for that part number.

If it has to be the company site make it a relevant area:

This is self-explanatory but we do too often see PPC clicks going to an irrelevant home page.  Jump the visitor into the right section, or put landing pages within your site. Just with a few simple tweaks to your CMS you can create strong call to actions on the pages.


Ultimately with PPC you will need to change a certain amount of the culture within your business to ensure that it’s fully embedded within your sales teams. However with focus and drive you will see how PPC can deliver awesome ROI for what in reality is a small advertising investment.