What sets a lot of PR agencies apart is their ability to be creative, no matter what their industry or if their focus is on B2B, B2C, technology or consumer markets.  Almost any agency can dig around in a ‘PR tool box’ and find a myriad of tactics, throw them together and do a fairly okay job of ‘doing’ PR for a client. 

A good agency on the other hand has the ability to adapt to market conditions, continually look for new tools for that ‘PR tool box’, try new things and have an excellent and easy to understand metric and reporting system for their clients.

But what makes a great agency, is its ability to create innovative and memorable campaigns that stand out from the crowd.  These campaigns will thrust their clients to the head of the class.

Here is a great example of creative innovation that can give your PR campaign an extra push! 

The Revd. Paul Sinclair runs a funeral business, but so do a lot of other people, so he thought, why not try something different… but unbeknown to him, his idea would set him apart and gain him notoriety, something that all PR practitioners must learn.

He was approached to do a funeral for a keen bicyclist, so why not do something a bit different he thought, he had already created a special motorcycle to carry coffins, so he invented the pedal-powered coffin carrier named Rebecca, it recently gained him an article in “The Sun” and has the coffin carrier on show at the recent CRE show in Devon.


Image: The Good Funeral Guide

This is a simple yet classic example of how PR can set your clients apart from the competition.

Innovation is key, so give that ‘creative room’ at your agency a coat of paint, throw in a few beanbags and let your PR staff become “creative thinkers”  after all, its what clients pay us for!