Winners cup iconIf you have consumer products you want to promote, there are a number of ways to establish them in the marketplace – and one of those is to try to organise third-party product reviews.

Research by Google has shown that consumer tech customers generally visit between 14 and 21 different sources of information about any specific purchase. And those that they believe most are recommendations from friends and independent third party product reviews.

Organising third party reviews is perhaps not as easy as you might at first think, and relationships with journalists, bloggers and social media influencers are critical if you want to be successful.

However, once the relationships are in place and your companies and its technology have earned the trust of the media, a simple email could achieve media space worth thousands of pounds and get your product seen by millions tech savvy potential buyers from all over the world.

But be aware, if done wrong, the collateral damage to brand and relationship can be enormous – it could damage your relationship with key influencers and you could risk the chance of being blacklisted – not only by the journalist you approached, but also the publication you are targeting, or worse, the whole publishing house. You may even fall foul of a negative social media campaign – which is why we take such care to do things right.

And doing things right pays off – we recently received a product review by emailing a key contact and, as a result, generated coverage with an equivalent advertising cost of around €8000! How many sales people would like to achieve a return on investment of that magnitude from a single email?

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