We’ve signed up to the UK Electronics Skills Forum and, from this academic term, will begin sponsoring a leading electronics student through university and supplying paid work experience to the UKESF scholar, well, we are an electronics PR agency.

UKESF is an initiative designed to build the number and the quality of UK electronic engineering graduates entering the electronics industry – helping to reverse a 34 per cent (47pc at its worst) drop in electronics degree uptake.

One of the biggest challenges faced by electronics PR and marketing agencies today is finding people that create high quality technical content for marketing channels.

Our account team is made up almost exclusively of electronic engineers and scientists so it’s therefore vital we have a pool of talented, technical and articulate people that we can draw upon. Sponsoring students through the UKESF is an important way in which we can help to create such a pool.

As part of this we’ve also committed to sponsor the UKESF Summer Schools for two years, these seek to increase the number of talented A-level and Higher students selecting electronics engineering at degree level. As Derek Boyd, UKESF Director, said: “This latest addition to the growing list of sponsors highlights the diversity of companies that rely of electronics and engineering skills. Publitek is the world’s leading electronics PR agency and we’re delighted to have them on the programme.”