Publitek has developed a new digital resource for electronics design engineers that takes a different approach to traditional trade media. Electronic Product News is a website and e-newsletter focused exclusively on the latest developments in electronic components and sub-systems. The news is independently sourced and reviewed by our editors who also ensure that all the featured products are immediately available from stock. Each story includes links for one-click access to both datasheets and to pages where the products can be ordered from a constantly updated e-commerce system. This means that engineers who are under deadline pressures don’t waste valuable time trying to find out where the products are in stock or searching for relevant datasheets.

Electronic Product News website interface

Electronic Product News has no distracting advertising and features “one-click” access to product data and inventory

Editorial Director, Mike Green, explains what makes so different, “Most trade media outlets don’t check that the products they promote are actually available from stock. Also, they usually don’t provide direct links to the in-depth technical data that engineers need in order to make buying decisions. Added to this, advertising is so intrusive on many sites that it becomes a hindrance and it is easy to accidentally click on something and get re-directed. We’ve built Electronic Product News from the ground up as a website and newsletter that addresses the fundamental needs of the readers, making it much easier for them to find detailed information and buy the products we feature. That’s how it saves them time and alleviates their frustration.”

To receive the Electronic Product News e-newsletter, which is published twice weekly, visit the website or go directly to the sign-up form.