UBM Tech, publisher of EE Times and many other established technology titles, has released the results of its latest annual Mind of the Engineer study. The research analyses the survey responses of electronics engineers across Asia, North America and Europe, detailing their priorities, concerns and habits – and how these change over time.

Topics covered include the main challenges faced by engineers, what they value most in suppliers, and what sources they use for (work-related) information. The latter results suggest that a majority of engineers now utilise both online communities/forums and online videos/tutorials as information sources for their jobs. In each case the frequency of use has increased significantly over the past year. However, neither has grown as dramatically as the use of social networking, albeit from a much lower base. Six months ago the same publisher took a close look at how engineers viewed social networking and revealed a number of interesting points.

Studies such as this are continually demonstrating why it is so important for technology companies to understand how engineers use social media. And the trend is only heading in one direction.

You can download the UBM Tech Mind of the Engineer research here.

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