Sebastian Gerstl

Sebastian Gerstl takes over from Holger Heller on Elektronik Praxis

Sebastian Gerstl has replaced Holger Heller at Elektronik Praxis as the editor responsible for covering semiconductor, FPGA and microcontroller news.  Prior to joining Elektronik Praxis, Sebastian worked for more than four years at CHIP, one of Germany’s oldest computer magazines, as both an online and a print journalist. Whilst there, Sebastian was responsible for covering topics regarding computer software and hardware across different platforms, he also specialised and reported on embedded systems in regards to consumer electronics.

Prior to becoming an editor, Sebastian received an M.A. in liberal arts, majoring in History and English literature, with additional training in web development. After graduating he spent a year working as a PR assistant for FMX, an international conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Digital Media, before training as online, print and video editor at the Burda Journalistenschule in Munich, graduating as fully fledged Crossmedia-Journalist.

Sebastian can be contacted on [email protected] or on +49 931 418-3098.