The 2017 edition of “Who’s winning the social media battle in the semiconductor industry?” is our fourth annual analysis of the social media practices and activities within the semiconductor industry.

There have been big changes in the industry over the last 12 months, some of the most notable ones relate to the acquisitions and mergers that have occurred with Freescale being acquired by NXP, and Altera by Intel.

Semiconductor companies’ target markets have changed too, and we see many more using social media to target the elusive, but ever-growing makers market, as well as trying to leverage the influencers in consumer tech media.


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The 39 semiconductor companies surveyed have over 45 million followers over the five social media channels analysed in this report.

Facebook dominates the audience figures with 52% of all followers, but Google+ has seen a huge increase in audience figures since last year’s report.

Semiconductor companies are still more active on Twitter than on any other channel, despite lower engagement levels than other channels, and Facebook commanding 52% of the total audience share.

Social media channels are also continuing to evolve, and offering more powerful tools to target specific pools of users, and improvements in reporting platforms to monitor and evaluate reach, engagement, and conversions in a bid to answer the key question: what value does social media bring to my business?

Our 2017 Social Success white paper aims to help you answer this question, and is an informative report for any serious digital marketer working within the electronics industry.

If you’re in the semiconductor industry, it’s a must-read. If you score well, it’s something to show your boss. If you don’t do so well, it’s an invaluable guide to how to improve. If you need help to do better, please get in touch!

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