Which social networking platform do you use most in your day-to-day work?

We recently posed the question to a number of professionals* within the electronic engineering design industry.  Our findings showed that amongst our sample group, LinkedIn was the favoured platform for 37% of professionals due to the number of specific interest groups and information sharing features.

  • “I only use Linkedin. Topics suit my interests and discussions are with other professionals in the trade.”
  • “Essentially I use Linkedin and several groups of interest.”

Facebook was the second most-preferred with over 20% of professionals using it, whilst Twitter and Element14 have been adopted by 13% and 12% respectively.  Nevertheless, there are still many professionals not using any social network at all, with their needs being met by Skype or blogs.

  • ”If I had to pick one I’d have to say I use Skype more than anything. It’s great because you can chat/IM, place calls, video conference, transfer files, and make presentations.”
  • “Can’t say I’ve seen any meaningful discussions on Facebook or Twitter.”
  • For Social: Facebook. For Professional: Linkedin.”
  • “Phoning up or shaking hands. As good today as it ever was.”

Beyond forums – where engineers have actually set the pace in terms of adoption – it appears the electronics industry is still to embrace the many opportunities social media can now offer,  in particular connecting individuals across networking groups. Look out for our follow up blog as we delve further into social media usage with the engineering community.

*91 professionals consulted