Creative thinking inspires ‘Spring Break in a glass’

As marketers  we must face the fact that our task, more often than not, is to grow revenues for a well–established brand. You can’t always have the thrill of launching an exciting new product or technology – most of the time you simply have to find ways to shift more of what you’ve got. And, in reality, doing this requires a lot of creativity as many of the classic ways to increase sales – for example entering new geographic markets or targeting different demographics – are likely to have been exhausted.

Which is why Pinnacle wants to buy a round of drinks for the brand managers at Cervecería Modelo in Mexico who (as you no doubt know) are responsible for marketing Corona Beer – a product that has been around since 1922. For not only have these guys extended this well-established brand by creating the small but beautifully formed ‘Coronita’ – effectively a ‘baby’ Corona – but they have used it to invent a whole new category of drink – the Beergarita (see picture).


Described by the waitress who recently served this to me (well, you have to try these things) as ‘Spring Break in a glass’, the Beergarita brings together Margarita and beer and represents  product diversification and brand extension at their very best. As well as the Coronita, for instance, the company has also developed the plastic ‘Beergarita Clip’ that holds the Coronita securely in the cocktail glass, and they have also used science to make the whole thing work! Specifically, the pressure from the liquid in the glass is what keeps the beer in the bottle – as the consumer drinks the pressure is reduced and the beer is slowly released (ensuring the perfect ratio of tequila, triple sec, lime juice and beer until the very end!)

What we find so so great about all of this is that by thinking creatively the team at Cervecería Modelo have not only revitalized the brand but they have opened up potential to sell to new consumers (for example margarita drinkers, younger demographics including spring breakers, and men and women who may not have been tempted by beer alone)

So what does this tell us (apart from the fact that you need to wait at least 24 hours after drinking one of these before writing a blog post)?

Well it demonstrates that even if a product is well known and has been around for many years there is always more you can do to grow your market, and it should inspire all of us – irrespective of our industry – to apply some lateral thinking to achieving our marketing objectives, no matter how challenging they may at first seem.

And if you want further inspiration, you can always order yourself a complete Beergarita kit here.