SupplyFrame has published an report with the intriguing title “What makes China’s engineers tick?” Based on over 1000 responses to the company’s questionnaire, it’s available here.

These are the questions the research attempts to answer:

  • How do you make product selection decisions? Report-Cover-tn
  • Where do you research products?
  • Who do you turn to for product sourcing?
  • How do you want vendors to communicate with you?
  • What should vendors do to help you?

Having read through the results, there are no great shocks here (there rarely are in this kind of research) but it was interesting to note that 84% of Chinese engineers are comfortable, or very comfortable, with technical material presented in English and only 3% find it unusable. Also of note, these relatively young engineers (79% under the age of 35), place great value on the quality of technical support available from vendors.