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L’Embarqué hits over 100,000 page views per month

The B2B electronics French publication L’Embarqué was launched in 2013 by Francois Gauthier and Pierrick Arlot, previously the editors-in-chief of ElectroniqueS and Europelectronics respectively.  L’Embarqué was created to fill a gap in the French electronics trade press for an online outlet and newsletter dedicated to embedded technology. The owners tell us that it has gone from strength Read more...

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Why B2B editors ignore newswires – and some ‘best practice’ electronics PR tips

As a specialist electronics content marketing and PR agency, we're always looking for ways to refine our services, both to clients and editors. That's why we recently undertook a survey of editors and journalists in B2B electronics media. We wanted to make sure we're delivering information to them in exactly the way they want it, and Read more...

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