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Digital communications: next gen engineers versus career pros

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, connecting with engineers across different generations demands a dynamic approach. With the current generation and the next generation embracing technology and knowledge sharing in distinct ways, understanding their preferences and tailoring content to suit their needs is crucial for effective engagement. Engaging the current generation through digital communications The Read more...

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Secondment program boosts One Publitek initiative

Coming out of the various global lockdowns over the past year or so, one of our key priorities was to make stronger connections between our teams in Europe and the US. What better way to do this, than with a secondment program. I cannot recommend this highly enough. The opportunity to learn from colleagues in Read more...

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Community Marketing: using data to understand audiences

I participated in a panel recently at electronica on marketing to the next generation of engineers and it really got me thinking about how our industry is changing and what this means for our clients. There is so much data out there which analyses the demographic shift that’s going on, not just in our industries, but Read more...

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