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What’s in a name?

The delicate balance between protecting and pioneering identity Recent weeks have seen the emergence of two industrial and engineering news stories that focus on the importance of choosing or altering a name - The first was the announcement by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) that they were going to open up their voting process to Read more...

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Personal branding – How it can help the business you work for

We think of ‘a brand’ as something created to distinguish and promote a company or product. Such inventiveness is often helpful, particularly when new business ventures or newly launched products need to achieve widespread recognition in a crowded, highly competitive marketplace. Now your ‘personal brand’ is something a little different… BUT the two are in Read more...

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Up Periscope

Whilst I enjoy films that involve submarines the latest tool in the social media armoury doesn’t feature torpedo tubes or the ability to submerge and stay under water for weeks on end. It does appear that the world of social networking apps is relentless in terms of development.  Indeed it’s difficult to keep pace with Read more...

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Make the most of marketing with LinkedIn

LinkedIn has the potential to boost both business awareness and reputation. By taking advantage of the various personal and group features in LinkedIn, companies and their professional representatives can significantly enhance their visibility. Aside from maximising your online presence, LinkedIn also provides the opportunity to position yourself as a sector leader, chiefly by delivering top Read more...

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Writing engaging company newsletters for technical audiences

The benefits of producing newsletters for B2B customers are well documented – they can be sources of helpful, interesting, free information that double as useful marketing and lead nurturing tools. They are a great way to educate your existing customers about your products and services and can be a powerful vehicle to help you sell Read more...

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PR is more than tactics, Innovation is Key!

What sets a lot of PR agencies apart is their ability to be creative, no matter what their industry or if their focus is on B2B, B2C, technology or consumer markets.  Almost any agency can dig around in a ‘PR tool box’ and find a myriad of tactics, throw them together and do a fairly Read more...

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