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How the effectiveness of B2B electronics social media is damaged by fake followers

Unlike some social media “experts”, I don’t subscribe to the idea that number of likes or followers is a good metric to benchmark the success of social media activities. Aside from the fact these don’t fit in with marketing key performance indicators (KPIs), the numbers can be both misleading and manipulated. Building a follower base as part of [...]

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Are electronics B2B publishers ready for the mobile revolution?

EDN is one of only three electronics press websites that is mobile responsive News is becoming more real-time, more social and more mobile. At the centre of these historic changes are personal devices - the smartphone and the tablet – that give more control to consumers. The BBC has recently released the results [...]

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Best practice for Twitter – a B2B perspective

Although still deemed as “fluffy” by many B2B marketers in the electronics industry, social media marketing is an essential activity. Aside from contributing to your search engine optimisation efforts, it is often used as a tool for keeping up-to-date with the latest news, and has the potential for distributing your messages far beyond the limits [...]

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How to calculate the ROI of PR

How to calculate the ROI of PR Long before I came into the technical content marketing and PR business, I was obsessed with marketing metrics. A contributor to that was reading Commonsense Direct Marketing by Drayton Bird and it's interesting that some of the techniques used to measure direct mail effectiveness can now be [...]

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Revealed: How leading semiconductor companies are using online newsrooms

For this latest report, we researched the newsrooms of some of the leading semiconductor companies. The report analyses best practice of newsroom usage, including: Discovery Content Distribution & re-distribution Social integration Subscription options Contact information Analytics The companies' newsrooms were ranked by their performance against each area of best practice, then an overall score was [...]

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How to avoid a Google downgrade in press releases

Over-optimised press releases are a thing of the past Google has recently updated its “link schemes” guidelines to cover over-optimised press releases. For those unfamiliar with this document, the links schemes guidelines covers link generation techniques that Google considers bad practice, and states their intention to penalise any website it deems has contravened [...]

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Revealed: who in B2B electronics media has Twitter clout?

In B2B electronics media, it can be difficult to truly gauge the reach and impact of Twitter, but as a leading electronics PR agency, we have to try!  This comprehensive new report crunches the numbers and shows where major North American B2B electronics publications and journalists stand in terms of Twitter usage. Download it here [...]

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Measuring PR’s effect on the business

Random number syndrome is amazingly frustrating. It's the ability to present information without any real frame of reference so it sounds impressive even when it isn't. It's used a lot in PR and marketing to make something sound impressive but in actual fact is a bit pointless. We've all seen adverts for face cream that [...]

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Why Google Penguin is awesome

Can Penguin save trade publishing and B2B PR? As my colleagues will almost certainly corroborate, I can be quite grumpy. And, as my wife will attest, I'm often prone to jumping on my soap box. It's not necessarily my best attribute and it can be written off both positively (he has passion) or [...]

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