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Why you need a PR agency for SEO

An electrionics PR agency's role in SEO So, your website is technically perfect. The site architecture ensures key landing pages are at the top of the hierarchy. Pages load quickly. And on-page optimisation is in place to include your keyword themes in page titles, body content, file names, image alt tags, etc. What's [...]

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What does SEO have to do with electronics PR agencies?

Some 30 years ago, a small component distributor in the UK came out with a book on how to manufacture electronic products using surface mount technology. The company sold 1000 copies at £2000 each. Few people knew how to use these newfangled surface mount components but many realised that they had to find out fast. [...]

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The changing role of the technology PR agency

This year has seen a growth in technology PR and a recent report from media investment group, VSS records an increased spend for the PR industry at double the rate of marketing as a whole. In his FT article last week, Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson put it down to the changing role of the PR agency, moving [...]

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Can Storify boost SEO for electronics and engineering companies or help your tech news go viral?

There is a buzz around Storify, the social media curation platform that lets you create news stories with live content from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Flickr and then share it back across those social media sites. Last year Storify won the Grand Prize winner in the Knight-Batten Awards for Innovations in Journalism and was featured [...]

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