Up Periscope

Whilst I enjoy films that involve submarines the latest tool in the social media armoury doesn’t feature torpedo tubes or the ability to submerge and stay under water for weeks on end. It does appear that the world of social networking apps is relentless in terms of development.  Indeed it’s difficult to keep pace with [...]

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Munich Press Summit Attracts Record Attendance

Last week editors representing 35 leading electronics titles from 9 different countries joined Pinnacle Marketing and six of its clients for the agency's second European Electronics Press Summit. This successful event, which took place at the Excelsior Hotel in central Munich on 24th and 25th October, provided a forum for presentations and announcements from distributor Conrad [...]

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UBM Tech electronics editors: you need a keen eye to spot them

Anyone trying to find contact details for UBM Tech electronics editors and journalists (or community officers, community editors, brand directors, bloggers etc.) will have a hard time doing so if they start at EETimes.com. Editors are now like yetis - very hard to find Amazingly, the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of [...]

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Let’s hear it for press conferences

A guest post by Caroline Hayes, freelance technology journalist A press conference is more than a nice meal in a nice hotel with members of the press. Every PR company knows the value of bringing together the press and company executives. It allows companies to present information, put it in context and answer the questions [...]

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Writing Press Releases: Beware of the Term “Market Leader”

A guest post by Holger Heller, Editor, ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS Many press releases begin something like this: “XY company, market leader in …”. This can turn out to be a less-than-ideal approach. Each company seems to have to define its worldwide leadership – in a more or less enhanced way. And if “the world” is not enough, then there is a regional restriction in [...]

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More on What Editors Want

Not too long ago I wrote a blog post discussing what Editors Want from a Press Pack (you can read the post here) and received quite a few comments in various LinkedIn Groups. The editors in question all agreed that the most important thing was that press packs should contain recent news (old news is [...]

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A 12-point plan to irritate an editor

A guest post by Caroline Hayes, freelance technology journalist Here is a simple plan guaranteed to annoy or frustrate editors. Follow these simple rules and you will be assured that every editor you come into contact with rolls their eyes heavenward* Send press releases that are not relevant. I recently received one about how long [...]

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