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B2B electronics media guest commentary: Busting trust

Author: Alix Paultre, editorial director, Power Systems Design: One of the things to love about publishing is its open access to the industry. In fact, a crank call as a child that went well with Isaac Asimov (too long to describe here) is what got me enamored with journalism in the first place. I have [...]

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Another blow to B2B electronics publishing as UBM lays off Patrick Mannion

Patrick Mannion, VP and Group Brand Director at UBM Americas (which includes the division previously known as UBM Tech), was laid off earlier today as the company looks for further cost reductions. Despite his marketing-style job title, Patrick is one of the best known and most respected names in electronics journalism. In recent times he steered content strategy for UBM's flagship electronics [...]

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Paul Miller, UBM Tech CEO, laid off in reshuffle

Paul Miller has left UBM as the result of a re-organisation by the media group Paul Miller, one of the best known executives in the B2B electronics industry, has been laid off by UBM as a result of  re-organisation by the media group, which he joined in 1991 after working in advertising sales for [...]

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UBM Tech electronics editors: you need a keen eye to spot them

Anyone trying to find contact details for UBM Tech electronics editors and journalists (or community officers, community editors, brand directors, bloggers etc.) will have a hard time doing so if they start at Editors are now like yetis - very hard to find Amazingly, the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of [...]

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Peter Clarke quits EE Times

Peter Clarke, EE Times' European news director, is leaving the publication. Peter joined Electronic Times in the UK in 1990 (I believe he worked on the monthly technical title, Electronic Engineering prior to that) then held a succession of senior editorial roles at what is now known as the EE Times Group within United Business [...]

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Research reveals increasing move to social and online resources by engineers

UBM Tech, publisher of EE Times and many other established technology titles, has released the results of its latest annual Mind of the Engineer study. The research analyses the survey responses of electronics engineers across Asia, North America and Europe, detailing their priorities, concerns and habits – and how these change over time. Topics covered [...]

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EE Times hires Barak as west coast online reporter

EE Times has hired Sylvie Barak as its North American west coast online reporter, describing her as a "rising technology journalist and social media pioneer." Sylvie started her career as a reporter on the Inquirer. says of her: "Sylvie soon discovered she was rather good at being a thorn in Intel’s backside, and proceeded [...]

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Ron Wilson leaves UBM

Veteran electronics writer and editor, Ron Wilson, has left UBM Electronics less than two weeks after being named content director for Test & Measurement World and DesignCon. We understand he's gone to Altera, presumably in a technical writing/editing role. UBM is said to be making a new senior editorial appointment soon, but we don't yet [...]

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EE Times Group launches Embedded Systems Conference in Brazil

ESC Brazil is scheduled to take place May 24-25, 2011 in Sao Paulo at the Novotel Center Norte. EE Times' expansion into Brazil is in response to statistics suggesting rapid growth in the country's electronics business. According to the Associacao Brasileira da industria eletrica e eletronica), electronic industry sales grew 17 percent in the first [...]

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