How to Create a Great Technical Video for Engineers

In a recent blog post we looked at YouTube’s new advertising opportunities and how you can advertise against competitors and keywords, just as you can with Adwords. The problem for a lot of people, however, is camera shyness or “oh, I don’t like the sound of my own voice” (happens a lot more than you [...]

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Research reveals increasing move to social and online resources by engineers

UBM Tech, publisher of EE Times and many other established technology titles, has released the results of its latest annual Mind of the Engineer study. The research analyses the survey responses of electronics engineers across Asia, North America and Europe, detailing their priorities, concerns and habits – and how these change over time. Topics covered [...]

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More Proof that Engineers are Social

Should more evidence be needed that the engineering communities continue to embrace the social media and digital world then look no further that the PR Week survey of the top 50 digital agencies. Or, more specifically, the fact that Pinnacle Marketing is now at number 26 in the rankings. This leap of eleven places is [...]

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Trade Shows – Live or Let Die?

Trade shows, their health and the perpetual question of whether to attend as an exhibitor, or indeed as a visitor, is always a topic of discussion in the electronics and general engineering sector. Just like we Brits like to moan about the weather, we frequently do the same about trade shows! In the electronics sector [...]

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David Cameron: In the Thick of it – UK Design & Manufacturing

Seems David Cameron is getting in the thick of finding out what small UK companies need to do to further promote growth and recruitment in the Design & Manufacturing sector. The minister recently visited LPRS in Witney, a supplier of short-range radio devices used for industrial and commercial control and communications systems, who claim to [...]

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Do Engineers Use Social Media? Our Survey Says YES!

We’ve been monitoring the answers given by engineers in our Design Engineering Social Media Survey 2011 and the results so far show some interesting trends. The survey asks the question, “Which social networking platforms do you use in your day-to-day work?”. So far a massive 70% of all engineers surveyed responded that they actively use [...]

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Who Says Engineers Don’t Do Social Media?

“Engineers don’t do social media.” That’s a phrase we hear a lot and frankly, we just don’t buy it. Far from being the unsociable, lacking in basic communication skills-type geeks that the design engineering community is often labelled as, we think that this group of people were actually one of the early pioneers of social [...]

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