The Internet Goes On Strike Over Anti-Piracy Law

Yesterday, the Internet went on strike in protest against new anti-piracy laws which the US Congress is looking to introduce. Major websites including Wikipedia, Wordpress and Reddit effectively created an “Internet blackout” by going offline between 8am and 8pm EST to highlight what many consider to be a significant threat to how we use the [...]

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Google’s Secure Search Update Met With Suspicion

Google have rolled out yet another update to its services and this latest one could represent a huge slap in the face for website owners everywhere. Essentially, Google have introduced secure search for all users with a Google account. Any search query carried out by those users who are logged-in will now be encrypted, meaning [...]

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Are Niche Social Networks The Future?

One future direction often predicted for social media is an eventual move away from catch-all social networks to niche networks that cater for our personal groups or interests. But what will this mean for businesses using social media to market their products and services? With Facebook, Twitter and Google+ - the 'Big 3' - the [...]

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Google Analytics Releases Global Data – What Does It Reveal?

As a key analytics tool for many businesses & marketers, it’s always worth paying attention to the latest stats from Google Analytics. And for the first time, Google has released analytics data collected over the last two years from hundreds of thousands of websites who opted in to share this information anonymously. The findings reveal [...]

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