Who’s winning the social media battle in the semiconductor industry? 2015 white paper reveals all.

Published today, our latest 'Social Success' white paper for B2B electronics marketers reveals in great detail who's winning the social media battle in the semiconductor industry. Although focused on semiconductors, the paper gives valuable insights to any company selling components, sub-assemblies, software or services into the electronic engineering community. (Click infographic to enlarge) [...]

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Free LinkedIn analysis tool for B2B technical content marketing

Publitek has launched LinkFocus, a simple, free LinkedIn tool for B2B technical marketers, particularly those in the electronics industry. It helps you focus your content marketing efforts within LinkedIn by making it quick and easy to analyse over 400 relevant groups. LinkFocus enables you to then successfully match the most important groups to your products [...]

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Make the most of marketing with LinkedIn

LinkedIn has the potential to boost both business awareness and reputation. By taking advantage of the various personal and group features in LinkedIn, companies and their professional representatives can significantly enhance their visibility. Aside from maximising your online presence, LinkedIn also provides the opportunity to position yourself as a sector leader, chiefly by delivering top [...]

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Twitter and LinkedIn break their connection

LinkedIn is consistently evidenced as being the most beneficial professional network for those in the fields of technology ad technology PR. Twitter and LinkedIn have quickly established themselves as the core networking tools for businesses that want to create a social presence online. LinkedIn is also recognised as the essential network for business- to-business interactions. If [...]

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3 Tips for Planning a Global Social Media Strategy

With the recent news that all businesses in the German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein are banned from using Facebook fan pages and ‘Like’ social plugins, we should be mindful of how we adopt social media strategies in different countries and consider the varying cultures that exist. If your business is looking to engage socially with [...]

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Are Niche Social Networks The Future?

One future direction often predicted for social media is an eventual move away from catch-all social networks to niche networks that cater for our personal groups or interests. But what will this mean for businesses using social media to market their products and services? With Facebook, Twitter and Google+ - the 'Big 3' - the [...]

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Do Engineers Use Social Media? Our Survey Says YES!

We’ve been monitoring the answers given by engineers in our Design Engineering Social Media Survey 2011 and the results so far show some interesting trends. The survey asks the question, “Which social networking platforms do you use in your day-to-day work?”. So far a massive 70% of all engineers surveyed responded that they actively use [...]

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