Poorly Executed Social Media – Might as well talk to the wall!

Though the B2C sector seemed to quickly catch on, even now (almost a decade later) many companies in the neighboring B2B sector still show a surprising ineptitude when it comes to successful use of social media. This point was highlighted to me just recently, when a friend in technology PR pointed out that the combined [...]

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What are the product marketing implications of semiconductor consolidation?

2015 saw what can only be described as an acquisition frenzy - stagnating growth figures and discontented shareholders effectively forcing the bigger chip manufacturers to prey on vulnerable smaller operations in order to either enter new areas or gain market share in existing ones. The list is extensive, but among the most notable were Freescale, [...]

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Helping B2B companies maximise ROI from great content

Content, content, content. If you want truly effective PR, PPC advertising that generates real leads, newsletters that are actually read by the recipient, or you want visitors to find – and then download information from - your website then there is no way round the fact you are going to need to create a regular [...]

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