PPC and remarketing – a Shakespearian love affair

In the beginning there were websites. Then came Yahoo and other directories that were compiled by hand. Alongside these sat "yellow pages" style ads that demanded a flat fee. However, with the rapid growth of the internet, lists compiled manually soon became obsolete paving the way for Google's current dominance in the search engine wars. [...]

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Spotting the trends in B2B Technology Marcoms

Being the go-to advisor for engineering clients around the world provides Pinnacle with unique insight into the key public relations and marketing communications trends in a variety of technology sectors and vertical application areas. Here’s some thoughts from members of our team on what the future holds for B2B marketers. Pinnacle Marketing’s director, Simon [...]

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Common mistakes that reduce the value of PPC campaigns

The PPC customer journey: generate more effective conversions. There can be no doubting the success Google Adwords pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can deliver. For companies who want to feature high on Google searches and capture live search leads, it can be a very profitable way of advertising and capturing sales leads for instant conversion. However, a [...]

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Choosing the Right Keywords for SEO and Pay Per Click

Every business wants to attract more web traffic, but it should not be all about increasing the number of visitors your website receives. It may seem counter intuitive but you need to be just as concerned with the type and quality of visitors you attract as this is more significant when it comes to converting these [...]

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PPC pt 3: Getting the most from your e commerce site

In the third part of his article on PPC , Ian Jarrett, Account Director at Pinnacle looks at setting up an e commerce site ---- Have a relevant page within your e commerce site This is probably the best area to drop them to if you want customers to self-serve and delivers the best ROI [...]

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PPC pt 2: Dynamic landing pages

In the second part of this article on PPC , Ian Jarrett, Account Director at Pinnacle looks at dynamic landing pages.  ----  Dedicated dynamic landing pages: When you journey anywhere you want to ensure that you land in the right place, it’s exactly the same with PPC.  Once the searcher has clicked you need to [...]

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