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The guaranteed way to maximise ROI at Electronica

Exhibitions are often the single most costly form of promotion for any technology company. It’s not unusual to spend up to a third of each years’ marketing budget on just three or four days at an event. Fortunately, well-planned pre-event activity will maximise ROI and payback. Exhibitions are a powerful form of branding and lead [...]

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It’s a fact, editors like PR agencies

A guest blog post by Steed Webzell, freelance editor across a range of technology-based titles PR agencies make life easy for editors. How so? Well, without any desire to portray editors as lackadaisical, somewhat unorganised individuals, the reality is that PR agencies take away the leg work. This is particularly true for technology, engineering and [...]

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Let’s hear it for press conferences

A guest post by Caroline Hayes, freelance technology journalist A press conference is more than a nice meal in a nice hotel with members of the press. Every PR company knows the value of bringing together the press and company executives. It allows companies to present information, put it in context and answer the questions [...]

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Don’t get lost in translation, use a multilingual PR agency

Any companies that have sought to extend their reach across multiple regions will have encountered communication difficulties caused by language barriers. After all, in the EU alone there are 23 official languages, making it a veritable PR minefield. One of the most challenging elements of delivering marketing materials across different geographic regions is how best [...]

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