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Video killed the internet star

How in the land of visual content, the moving image is king. There was a time when all that was needed to communicate with your customers were the core facts, presented in a readable and engaging fashion. Though the press release still remains a cornerstone of the Public Relations industry, those simpler days are long [...]

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Up Periscope

Whilst I enjoy films that involve submarines the latest tool in the social media armoury doesn’t feature torpedo tubes or the ability to submerge and stay under water for weeks on end. It does appear that the world of social networking apps is relentless in terms of development.  Indeed it’s difficult to keep pace with [...]

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What can a technology PR agency do for me?

The fact is that PR isn't the same for every company or product. Technical and more niche products and services demand more knowledge on the part of the public relations agency than might be needed for, say, promoting chocolate bars, beauty products or other B2C and consumer goods. Maximising exposure requires PR agency teams that [...]

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The Evolution of Influence in the Life Sciences

Research has shown that the general population doesn’t trust advertising [1,2] and overt marketing communications, yet our lives are filled with an endless clamour of voices vying for our attention in order to influence our buying decisions. The life science researcher is an even more sceptical audience and has an equally challenging selling cycle. Every [...]

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