How to use SEO and mind mapping to boost PR campaigns

As PR practitioners we must never underestimate the value of integrating SEO when managing content, editorial placements and campaign evaluation for B2B marketing communications. Nayl D’Souza explains how PR can be successfully navigated using SEO and content mind mapping Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the practice of improving the visibility of website content, is just one [...]

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How to structure your tech blog for search engines

Google gets smarter every year and is constantly updating its algorithms. It’s constantly trying to improve search results in order to show users the most relevant, useful information. In recent years, this has meant moving towards topic-based results rather than focusing on keywords. For example, if someone searches for a specific question that’s related to [...]

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Technical content marketing tip 3: transfer your newswire budget into content creation

I can't count the number of conversations our team has had with technical B2B marketers over the years about newswires. We're asked, "Do they really guarantee coverage on Bloomberg?" or "Aren't they great for building inbound links so that search engines can find our technical content?" I've long been skeptical of the value of newswires and [...]

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How the world of B2B electronics digital marketing has responded to Google’s Mobilegeddon – not well!

A recent analysis of the industry’s leading players’ websites finds that more than a quarter are losing visitors to a key sales channel by not implementing mobile responsive sites. Early in 2015, Google unleashed Mobilegeddon, an upgrade to its search algorithm that dropped a site’s ranking for those searching via the phone or tablet if its layout [...]

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Online tool reveals SEO value of B2B electronics trade media

Electronics PR, or at least the media relations aspect of it, can play a vital role in boosting your website's search engine visibility, if you or your agency know how to best take advantage of the opportunity. In addition to ensuring your website is technically optimised, and has optimised content, your site needs inbound links from authoritative, [...]

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Spotting the trends in B2B Technology Marcoms

Being the go-to advisor for engineering clients around the world provides Pinnacle with unique insight into the key public relations and marketing communications trends in a variety of technology sectors and vertical application areas. Here’s some thoughts from members of our team on what the future holds for B2B marketers. Pinnacle Marketing’s director, Simon [...]

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Is Google a threat to electronic component distributors?

Google is synonymous with search, and due to its overwhelming dominance, nearly everything a search engine optimising professional does is to ensure we comply with best practice, and avoid the penalties. One such best practice is the use of structured markup – using tags to define the context of content - which helps Google (and [...]

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Google updates Page rank – should you be bothered?

One of the metrics that many SEOs seem to obsess about is ‘Page rank’, often shortened to “PR” and it’s a number that has managed to gain an almost mythical status amongst the Internet marketing set. You can view the “PR” value of your site and indeed any of the pages on your site by [...]

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No more pushing the “I Believe” button

Guest blogger and marketing strategist Scott Lewis looks at where B2B electronics marketing is today, and where it's going It’s an exciting time to be in marketing now with new automation tools from companies like Marketo, Oracle/Eloqua, Hubspot and Pardot/Salesforce (listed in order of marketshare)(1) and others that not only help you easily and quickly [...]

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