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Identifying key industry influencers in B2B technology

In this article, we aim to give you an understanding of how to identify key influencers for B2B technical content marketing, and once they have been identified, what to do with them. First and foremost, as with any other communications activity, it is crucial to ask yourself some key questions in order to inform an [...]

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Helping B2B companies maximise ROI from great content

Content, content, content. If you want truly effective PR, PPC advertising that generates real leads, newsletters that are actually read by the recipient, or you want visitors to find – and then download information from - your website then there is no way round the fact you are going to need to create a regular [...]

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Why semiconductor firms need technical content marketing

A key business objective for semiconductor firms is to have a design engineer “design in” their components into an electronics product. While the semiconductor market is likely to be dominated by the same top ten firms who receive over 51% of the business, the Internet of Things offers an opportunity for the next ten (or the next [...]

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How to Create a Technical Podcast

You can listen to our audio recording of this blog post using the media player below. Podcast Powered By Podbean Despite the advent of ‘webinars’, the podcast retains its place in the business environment as a relevant way of creating content and finding potential customers who otherwise might slip through the net. After all, people [...]

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