Technical PR

Writing engaging company newsletters for technical audiences

The benefits of producing newsletters for B2B customers are well documented – they can be sources of helpful, interesting, free information that double as useful marketing and lead nurturing tools. They are a great way to educate your existing customers about your products and services and can be a powerful vehicle to help you sell Read more...

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A 12-point plan to irritate an editor

A guest post by Caroline Hayes, freelance technology journalist Here is a simple plan guaranteed to annoy or frustrate editors. Follow these simple rules and you will be assured that every editor you come into contact with rolls their eyes heavenward* Send press releases that are not relevant. I recently received one about how long Read more...

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Guardin’ against errors

Attention to detail is crucial in a technology PR campaign. Bright ideas alone will not do - any failings in execution can destroy a company's reputation. When choosing a technical agency check with industry editors to see who consistently delivers good quality results.

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Change in World Order: Italy Looks to Supplant Germany as Number One in Solar Power Deployment

Despite a change of government, spiralling debt and a faltering credit rating, Italy seems set to become the global leader in deployment of photovoltaic energy generation systems. Figures compiled by IHS iSuppli suggest that the number of installations in the troubled EU member state during 2011 will equate to a 6,900 MWatt capacity - almost Read more...

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Pain-free PR – Know Your Onions!

In the world of PR, good public relations practice knowledge is only a part of the range of skills your agency should have. Media knowledge and strong journalist relationships and the ability to scribe the highest quality grammar are two other facets. But perhaps the most beneficial skill to the client is a good understanding Read more...

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3 Ways To Re-use Old Blog Posts

Blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your website, engage your customers and establish you as an authority within your market. But it’s not always easy coming up with fresh content. So here are three simple ways to squeeze a little bit more value out of those old posts: Revisit popular posts Regularly check Read more...

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To Follow Or Not To Follow?

Last week, discussions with two industrial B2B clients veered on to the use of social media, specifically Twitter. And the question our clients asked – how do we get more followers?

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Who Says Engineers Don’t Do Social Media?

“Engineers don’t do social media.” That’s a phrase we hear a lot and frankly, we just don’t buy it. Far from being the unsociable, lacking in basic communication skills-type geeks that the design engineering community is often labelled as, we think that this group of people were actually one of the early pioneers of social Read more...

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