Do Engineers Use Social Media? Our Survey Says YES!

We’ve been monitoring the answers given by engineers in our Design Engineering Social Media Survey 2011 and the results so far show some interesting trends. The survey asks the question, “Which social networking platforms do you use in your day-to-day work?”. So far a massive 70% of all engineers surveyed responded that they actively use Read more...

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To Follow Or Not To Follow?

Last week, discussions with two industrial B2B clients veered on to the use of social media, specifically Twitter. And the question our clients asked – how do we get more followers?

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How Big the Internet Really Is

Everyone knows that the growth of the Internet has been pretty huge over the last few years. But do you know just how big the Internet really is? Online Schools have put together the below interactive infographic that shows some incredible statistics about Internet usage. Here are just a few interesting facts to whet your Read more...

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Social networks popular with engineers?

Which social networking platform do you use most in your day-to-day work? We recently posed the question to some of the professionals within the electronic engineering design industry. Our findings that amongst our small group of users Linkedin is currently the number one favorite with professionals at over 37% as it is useful for the number of interest groups and subsequent information sharing.

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The real new media are not what you think

Those who discount social media channels, such as Twitter and Facebook, for serious business-to-business communication may be in for a surprise with the emergence of new digital content consumption platforms.

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Are We Losing Our Freedom to Tweet?

For the best part of a decade, Internet users have enjoyed the freedom of chatting, gossiping and generally socialising on all kinds of online platforms such as blogs, forums, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. However, just as similar ‘fads’ have come and gone (remember the CB Radio anyone?) could this golden age of social networking be Read more...

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