Not all PR agencies are the same. It’s a bold claim to make seeing as Publitek is a Tech PR agency but if you’re looking for help on a particular aspect of your business, it pays to choose a partner that knows a bit about that industry and isn’t just a broad-brush agency with non-specific skills. Of course, this sounds obvious, but we live in a world where the obvious isn’t so obvious anymore.

For example, a recent study by marketing firm Compete (, found that the first result in any search results attracted 53% of all clicks. This drops right down to 15% for number 2 and it just keeps dropping:

rankings graph

Number one on Google, but is it the best?

So being number one on the first page of Google will get us over 50% of the clicks. Does that mean that the company at number one is the best company?

Of course not, it means that they’re the best at getting to number one on Google.

People don’t understand Google this way and for many, that number one position is a glowing endorsement of the quality of that company. However, Google is trying its best to make things work differently. They have been painstakingly changing their algorithms on a monthly basis to ensure the best results are shown based on a number of different factors, including reviews, citations, mentions and many more.

So can you trust it?

Hiring a tech PR company is a big step. The company needs to be getting your products across to buyers and businesses in all kinds of industries in ways that mean people will buy. More than anything they need to know what it is about your company that is different, how it ‘ticks’ and what it does that makes it stand out from the crowd. If you’re a tech company, hiring a non-tech savvy PR agency, regardless of their broad PR credentials could be expensive and a waste of time. PR isn’t just about sending a few press releases, hiring some rooms for an event or meeting some directors over a game of golf. Understanding the technology behind your products is key and that’s where Pinnacle really do excel.

Pinnacle is not a tech PR agency built on a foundation of PR. It’s a PR agency built on a foundation of technology. The company has grown by hiring people that know their industry and know the people within it. It continues to grow through an understanding of how the electronics, industrial engineering, telecoms and computing marketplace is evolving – not to mention extensive knowledge of a wide variety of vertical sectors including automotive, medical and defence – and helps clients to adjust to the ever-changing digital world.