Kevin Morris put forward his view on “The Death of the Trade Press” in a blog entry at the end of 2009. It made interesting reading and its core messages seemed to be that editorial standards are falling and print is on its way out as a business-to-business communications medium. True to his views, last month he announced the launch of Electronic Engineering Journal, a new web site for electronics engineers. The fanfare announcement was entitled “Dawn of a New Era”. The sales pitch is rather long and in itself makes a convincing case for the use of bullet points. Electronic Engineering Journal will be:
* Broadly based
* Analytical, objective, informative, and fun
* Updated hourly/daily (if it’s hourly, that’s at least daily by definition, I think?)
* Full of fascinating facts
* Using “channels” to help readers filter content
* Linked to an e-mail newsletter
Nothing very “New Era” about that you might think, but way down the page you see the really groundbreaking idea – there will be no “roadblock” advertisements to obstruct your view when you log on to the home page, or any other page. Kevin’s argument is that keeping advertisers at a safe distance will increase the response to advertisements that are kept in their proper place and don’t screw up the editorial experience. Google would probably agree. The list of editors contributing to Electronic Engineering Journal is impressive and includes Bryon Moyer, Kevin himself, and Jim Turley. Dick Selwood is the Europe editor.