From a B2B technical content marketing perspective, one of the most wasteful things the team at Publitek has seen in over the years is the disconnect between sales, engineering and corporate marketing teams. Of course, corporate marketing itself is split into ‘tribes’ – lead generators, PR evangelists, advertising and media specialists, analytics experts and so on, which doesn’t make it easy to extract best communications value from content. But the pitches that sales guys make to customers, or groups of customers, and the presentations that engineering make to each other, to management and to peer groups at conferences, can be immensely valuable to marketers, if they can be converted quickly and easily into formats other than PowerPoint for the many communications channels now available to us.

The starting point is to get everything onto video. Larger events may be professionally recorded as a matter of course, but it doesn’t need an expensive set up to do something in-house or at smaller venues. Smartphone quality may be good enough, but do make sure the presenter is wearing a good quality microphone so that sound is captured clearly. Wireless microphones that are perfectly adequate can be purchased for a few tens of dollars. (For more guidance on shooting video at events, see our earlier guest blog from Wisse Hettinga of Synchronous Productions).

Once you have the video content, do whatever editing is needed and upload it to your favourite hosting service. For most of us it will be YouTube, but could be anywhere else. This is where comes in. is an online transcription and translation service. Because we work in electronics and engineering, which are deeply specialist subjects, we’ve not used the translation service – preferring to work with freelancers who are engineers – but we are avid users of the transcription service. Open your account with a credit card, log in, paste the video link and confirm your order. The standard charge is $1 per minute, with no minimum.  In other words, transcription of a one-hour presentation will cost you $60. Within 24 hours (much less for shorter pieces) you have a draft text of perhaps 6000 words from which you can spin white papers, technical articles and blog posts. White papers can be gated on your web site and you can link back to through the related blog posts. Social media can be used to promote all of it, and if you get some of the pieces published in 3rd party media, that coverage can also be used as content for your web site, e-newsletters and social media channels. Incidentally, we have no commercial relationship with and there may be equally good transcription services out there but to date we’ve had no reason to look elsewhere, the service speed, quality and cost meet our needs well.

Technical Content Marketing of Video

This video was transcribed and edited in hours, the resulting articles then placed in 14 media outlets worldwide within days

As a recent example, we took this video from our client, Silicon Labs, had it transcribed for $15, edited it, re-purposed the resulting article so that we had two unique English language versions (to expand the number of media opportunities), and agreed media placements in 14 leading trade titles across three continents. The editing took about half a day and the whole project was completed in just over a week.

Content is at heart of today’s corporate marketing efforts. When a company’s sales, engineering and product marketing teams create great presentations, it’s corporate negligence not to exploit every opportunity to put this content in front of its intended audiences. The really hard work has already been done.