Wisse Hettinga from Synchronous Productions discusses the option of using mobile phones to record videos during events in this guest blog.

Everyone will agree that video footage is important, but for many journalists, PR and media people, shooting video at a show or other event remains a difficult subject. They are scared away by the idea it is too difficult with all that equipment or to costly to have a audioman, cameraman and producer jumping around at your event.

There is no need for that. Gone are the days you needed a team of people to shoot a video. If you follow some easy steps you can start using your own mobile to shoot video or start vlogging with some very decent quality. Having your phone always at hand can give you a great opportunity to do a video interview on the spot or start video storytelling on your show event or exhibition.

The new mobile phones of today have great possibilities to shoot good quality photos and video and with some extra tools and tricks you can take the footage to a sufficient level for YouTube or other social media platforms.

Light, sound, 3-2-1 and go

Apart from holding your camera steady (use a mono- or tripod) you need to check a few things before you shoot:


Let there be light. Always check where the (day)light is coming from and move the person or object in that direction. Use daylight as much as possible and keep an eye on too much contrast in the picture, if needed, you can fill in the dark areas with an additional LED light.


Never trust the in-build microphone of your mobile. Use a external directional or ‘shotgun’ microphone that focus on the voice of the interviewee or speaker. There are good microphones (check Rode) for a very affordable price available.

3-2-1 and go

Take time to start. Count 3 – 2 – 1, take a deep breath and hit the record button.

The reality

So much for the theory. In reality you will find it difficult to concentrate on shooting video and record a meaningful story at the same time. Last but not least you also need to look into the editing, but, once you made the start and learned to use the tools and tricks, it will open up a complete new way of covering events, show or exhibitions. Give it a go!

Wisse also provides more information about shooting videos at events in his blog, or for help planning your next exhibition contact us.