When we think about modern storytelling it predominantly conjures up images of the written word, movies, television and radio programmes, as well as theatre and other aspects of live performance.   So how does this differ from the bulk of technical content marketing that we see in the electronics sector?

Enginuity Europe Homepage

Enginuity Europe Homepage

I think it’s safe to say that most engineers turn to magazines when they are looking for information, see Bob’s post from January, however the development of other outlets for PR can’t be ignored. Recently, Phil Ling launched the website Enginuity Europe, a site dedicated solely to video content, Phil’s reason:

“Video is an excellent medium for technology journalists as it gives another dimension to the story. I’m not the first to realise this and I know I won’t be the last; I think the advent of video in our industry, which at the moment is driven predominantly by manufacturers, gives journalists an opportunity to deliver more value to the reader — or ‘viewer’, I suppose we should say.”

“At the moment the content generated by publishers is almost entirely text-based and while I don’t see the need for text going away any time soon, I can see the balance changing to include more video. As I’m positioning Enginuity Europe to be almost entirely video based, I’m hoping to become a bit of a trail blazer in that respect.”

Phil is not alone in seeing a need for more video based content. Ian Poole from Radio Electronics, a site that is growing rapidly, commented, “Web content is changing considerably these days. People need content to be far more engaging – it needs to be more visual than ever before – more related images and of course video. Just look how the BBC is managing their content. However any video needs to be carefully thought through. It needs to be relevant and of high quality – also not too long otherwise people just loose interest. Whilst good video is time consuming and can be expensive to make, using it in content makes it far more interesting. Written content can be brought to life with a good video to encapsulate the message.”

There are a variety of ways to utilise video in PR, for some helpful tips for video conferencing or to find out how Publitek can help you with your next multimedia project then contact us. After all, isn’t PR just another form of story telling?