So, who’s winning the battle for the mindshare of the semiconductor industry’s audience on social media? Read on to find out…

Now in its eighth edition, our latest research into the semiconductor industry’s social media practices is again ready for review. Like in previous editions, we looked at the online presence of the 60 biggest semiconductor companies worldwide, analyzing each one’s use of Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

# Company Blog Twitter Facebook YouTube Instagram LinkedIn
1 STMicroelectronics 5 10 11 12 5 5
2 Infineon Technologies 25 16 1 16 1 3
3 Texas Instruments 6 21 4 9 2 28
4 Renesas 7 18 8 31 7 1
5 Intel 13 5 6 6 40 4
6 Micron Technology 14 6 25 20 8 2
7 AMD 2 12 2 3 40 24
8 Analog Devices 28 22 5 19 3 7
9 MediaTek 3 9 13 4 40 16
10 Qualcomm 4 8 12 5 40 20

Because we have gathered this quantitative and qualitative data for activities over the past few years, we can offer a unique insight into the changes and developments in social media in this dynamic sector. Through the in-depth analysis of each social channel being used, the findings in this report provide insights into the current state of online media use in the semiconductor industry, establish clear benchmarks, and highlight best practices.

Want to learn whether Facebook is retaining its position as the preferred platform for followers, if Instagram is the new kid on the block or whether simply more blogging is the way to go? What’s clear is how many engineers’ research and find information continues to evolve, and their methods have undoubtedly been affected by working from home during and now post-pandemic. So in this sea of information, how are businesses adapting their communication strategies to reach an increasingly hard-to-reach audience?

Do you want to know who’s making a difference and perhaps who’s not, or understand how the “best in class” companies currently operate on social media? In that case, this comprehensive 32-page study is a must-read.

New 2022 report: Who’s winning the social media battle in the semiconductor industry?

Download the report here
Download the report here