Embedded World, Mobile World Congress and APEC more successful than ever – many more to come

embeddedworldDuring the last month the Pinnacle team has been busy with preparations for numerous shows still to come this year, for example, we will also be involved in PCIM, Sensor + Test, MACH 2014 (one of the largest events for manufacturing technologies), the Farnborough Air Show and Electronica, the world’s leading trade show for electronic components, systems and applications. Not to mention many smaller, localised events in Europe, the USA and Asia.

According to the organisers of Embedded World and MWC, both these events attracted record numbers of visitors (26,714 for Embedded World and over 85,000 for MWC) and anecdotal evidence would indicate that lead volumes and quality were both high. And with the economic environment better now than for a long time we are expecting similar comments from the organisers of JEC and APEC.

As ever, Pinnacle’s main role at these events is to ensure that those clients with genuinely interesting news get the opportunity to discuss their stories with key media serving their industry. And arranging and managing as many as 25 one-on-one media interviews per client isn’t something that can wait until the last minute. Most editors attending shows plan their diaries with military precision and it is important to contact them well in advance to secure that vital 30-minute slot. Offering the opportunity ‘to drop by if you have time’ may sound good but, in reality, will rarely result in a successful meeting. And, while it may sound obvious, having something genuinely interesting to say (just being at the show is not reason enough to meet the press) is absolutely vital.

Finally, choice of spokespeople plays an important part of a successful exhibition press meeting at an event. Knowledge of the topic for discussion is a prerequisite, but the best spokespeople will be able to provide context in terms of company strategy, technologies and target applications. They will also understand what the press are looking for from an interview so that they can help the editors make the best possible use of the time available.

It is never too early to start planning media outreach for an event and if you are attending an exhibition we would be more than happy to discuss your requirements and identify opportunities for press meetings. We can also provide guidance and training for spokespeople (check out our ‘How to Speak to the Press’ download for some quick tips) and help you prepare your digital press packs (our ‘What Editors Want from a Press Pack’ e-book may also be useful.)