Last week, discussions with two industrial B2B clients veered on to the use of social media, specifically Twitter.

Twitter – along with LinkedIn, discussion forums and issue-specific blogs – is one of the social media channels most popular with B2B organisations. And the question our clients asked – how do we get more followers on Twitter?

A very common question, with a very straightforward answer… be interesting!  Make your Twitter feed interesting to your audience and they are far more likely to tell others via retweets, quotes and recommendations.  This comes by delivering authentic, relevant and shareable content with personality… and NO sales speak! Be curious about your followers, find out what they want to know, what they like, what interests them – and then deliver it.

If you find you’re losing followers, it may be because you’re not obeying this simple rule. Check out the “Why did you unfollow me?” infographic by Polly Becker that nicely sums up the psychology of retweeting on Twitter.

Although having your content retweeted isn’t the only way to attract new followers, it does help enormously in getting your content to a wider audience, and hopefully bumping up your follower numbers in the process.

How do you attract new followers? What is your approach to creating content? Leave a comment and let us know!