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By now you know that SEO is dead and that you need to produce engaging technical content that people will find and share. And all that is working like a well oiled machine? Great!

But once you are generating all that extra traffic from a strong technical content marketing program you hit the next hurdle. If you don’t have an existing CRM then good news for you! Many content marketing packages have it built in these days or at the very least have plug-in compatibility with the leading players such as Sage, Salesforce, Sales logic, Microsoft dynamics and even free options like Zoho.

So now you will be able to see who has been visiting your site (and with one inbound package actually find the names of people from that company whom you can adds as leads to your own database!) and capture leads for nurturing. If you’re not doing this then you really need to find out more because your competitors will be.

For the cost of one print ad you can get dozens of qualified leads

If you do have an existing CRM and that is what is stopping you from generating leads because you don’t want two databases of contacts now there’s a solution! Use scribe and most inbound platforms will seamlessly link with your existing CRM (despite what your IT department will tell you!)

For the cost of one print ad or what you are paying an reverse IP lookup service, you can fund an annual campaign that will:

  • Generate leads
  • Generate significant increases in traffic
  • See which companies have been visiting your website
  • Track clicks on your emails and vists back to your sites
  • See what your leads are doing on your website
  • Nurture your leads and score them based on activity so that the sales team can make the calls to the right people at the right time
  • See where all the leads came from so next years’ budget can be better invested in publications and activities that work.

Isn’t it about time you stole a march on your competitors and turned your print ad spend into a lead generation machine.