UBM Electronics has relaunched the EDN web site, giving it a fresh, clean look with greater emphasis on interactivity, community and social media – there’s even a social feed on the home page. At the same time, the company has announced that the publishing frequency of EDN in print will be halved to 12 issues per year. As part of the restructuring, a number of UBM jobs have been lost, including that of one of the best known and most respected technical journalists, Bill Schweber. Over the years Bill has been a prominent writer/editor on EDN, EETimes and several of the EETimes Designlines. His specialties include analog design, power electronics and medical technology. We are told that other job cuts include those of Deborah Sargent, managing editor, Test & Measurement World, Frances Granville, senior associate editor, EDN, and Naomi Eigner Price, managing editor, EELife and Innovation Generation.