Inviting your electronics PR agency to look at your Linkedin profile may seem strange. LinkedIn is generally accepted as the network for professionals looking for work but if used properly it can do a lot for engineering, electronics and technology business and in the hands of a digital marketing specialist Linkedin becomes a powerful channel for B2B communication.

Linkedin business pages allow technology companies to showcase their services, products and staff. It is important to write these product descriptions with search engines in mind, making proper use of the keywords that drive business customers to action. This copy needs to appeal to clients and colleagues as well as search engines. It should clearly explain services and attract the Linkedin endorsements that will spread news of your services across the Linkedin network. A good technology PR agency will have the expertise to create effective, optimised copy and support it with the kind of high-quality images that can be shared across social networks like Google+ and Pinterest.

To fully exploit LinkedIn for B2B it is essential that your business page has a constant stream of fresh content. More content means more sharing across the Linkedin network and higher visibility. This generates more likes and endorsements and ensures a consistent presence in news feeds. It can be daunting for a small business to generate the required white papers, events and industry news but your PR and marketing communications agency should be able to do this for you.

What an electronics PR agency can do for your Linkedin profile

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Have a look at your own Linkedin business page. If it seems a bit bare or tired, let us breathe some life in to it.