SEO for Electronics PR AgenciesSome 30 years ago, a small component distributor in the UK came out with a book on how to manufacture electronic products using surface mount technology. The company sold 1000 copies at £2000 each. Few people knew how to use these newfangled surface mount components but many realised that they had to find out fast. Now surface mount technology is the norm, not a specialist niche. So it is with digital marketing, including SEO and social media. ALL marketing is now digital marketing, at least to some degree. When did you last see a print advertisement that didn’t include a website URL and/or a QR code?

In the technology and electronics PR agency business, it’s no longer simply a question of getting our clients’ messages into print, even though there are some markets where the printed word is still very powerful. It’s about gaining online coverage that’s rich in the search terms used by customers and potential customers. It’s about creating inbound links to our clients’ websites, contributing to these sites to ensure that they are regularly updated with rich, high-quality content, and using all the social and traditional media channels at our disposal to drive visitors to these sites. PR now encompasses SEO, digital marketing, social media and traditional media relations.

For everything to come together effectively in the highly technical B2B electronics sector, it’s essential to create fresh, high-quality technical content for the various communications channels, day after day. That’s why so many companies are learning that employing SEO specialists or social media specialists often comes back to bite them. These firms rarely have the technical experience or ability to create the content, so the burden of doing so returns to the client company.

The solution is to work with an electronics PR firm that has the creation of technical content at the heart of its offering. SEO and social media success will follow – these aspects of marketing communications are no longer a mysterious black art. In the space of just a few years, they’ve become just another aspect of digital PR – and all PR is digital.