For a journalist or editor attending a tradeshow, press packs are both a boon and a burden. While they do serve as great memory aids, after collecting two or three of them they quickly become a burden on the poor journalist that has scheduled interviews and meetings with company executives all over the exhibition center.

When I used to work on the other side of the great media divide, I would end up throwing away the pretty packaging that housed the paper press releases and would keep only the press releases and perhaps the backgrounder – in part because of luggage weight restrictions. I know I was not alone in being forced to be so ruthless.

Journalists and editors took a collective sigh of relief when companies started giving them the option of taking away all the press materials on a CD or USB stick.

But how can you improve the chances that your press release will be among those to make it into the editorial pages? And perhaps more importantly, how you make the most of this important opportunity to create a relationship between your brand and the editor?

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