Electronics and engineering firms have always turned to their technology pr agency for well written content but with changes to search engine algorithms it is more important than ever to have a respected author.

Google’s author rank technology will identify authors with a reputation for producing quality content and demonstrate expertise in their field. Google recognizes an author from their email address, Google profile or html tags that identify them as a content author.

Content produced by an author who has built up a good online reputation with quality, well shared posts in quality, respected sites, will be prioritized in the search results.

With the rise of social media the emphasis has shifted from the corporate to the individual. Anonymous corporate posts will not perform as well as a post by an identified author. Good technology PR agencies are cottoning on to this and starting to identify their writers with profile pictures and links back to their Google profiles.

It is early days yet but now is the time to start thinking about giving your press releases and blog posts a human face. Show the person behind the text. Choose an established technology pr agency. You need a skilled writer or content producer with a reputation in your sector. Next year your website may well see the benefits.