Back in the day when I started out on my marketing career I had the privilege to work alongside a guy who was a master at ensuring that the campaigns he defined and rolled out within the rail industry were always mindful of the gap.

He was a font of knowledge and I was a young marketing executive eager to soak up his wisdom like a hungry sponge. You see there are many organisations that are great at creating the tactics that go into making up a killer marketing campaign but in most cases there is a gap – something that is missing from the tactic armoury. It was the knowledge on how to mind the gap that I took away from this guru I had the pleasure of knowing.

So what is the gap, this black hole that marketers fail to identify? What are the tactics that can guarantee campaign success and generate the ROI that will really make your peers and bosses stand up and take notice?

It’s simple and it can be defined as reactive follow up and proactive telemarketing.

You see many campaigns are superb, many campaigns are beautifully designed, many campaigns contain key messages that people notice, but in reality a large majority fail to follow up.  In terms of marketing and sales success the reactive and the proactive response can be the dealbreaker.

Let me ask you a question:  if someone was to give you a twenty pound note in an envelope, how long would it be before you opened it and did something with it? I can guarantee that the answer – is not long!

Well it’s the same with leads from any campaign you undertake; you shouldn’t just leave them in your email inbox or in-tray.  The key is speed; these are people who are interested, why else would they respond to your campaign?  These leads are the key to your ROI and you need to act and act quickly.

What’s more there is a technique you can use that is proactive, so why wait for your campaign to be read and then cross your fingers for responders!  You need to drive interest on the outbound; you need to drive for success, perhaps the most under-utilised tactic is proactive telemarketing in B2B campaigns.

But telemarketing really only works in double-glazing sales right?

Wrong; when done correctly in a targeted manner with professionals asking the right questions it can deliver great success.  What’s more, I can tell you that in the case of an email campaign that we targeted at maintenance professionals within rail depots, we saw orders for spares on the first telephone call.

You see you’re not blindly calling numbers, you are calling people that have requirements, that have been audited for relevance – in other words they are targeted.  What’s more they should have already received or seen your campaign, the gun is already loaded and you have a reason to call them. So go on pull the trigger and reap the rewards!

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