A guest post by Holger Heller, Editor, ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS

Many press releases begin something like this: “XY company, market leader in …”. This can turn out to be a less-than-ideal approach.
Each company seems to have to define its worldwide leadership – in a more or less enhanced way. And if “the world” is not enough, then there is a regional restriction in leadership.

Editors have to deal with these constructs that can easily become ridiculous. Who cares about the market leader for chicken cages in the Central West of the US?

It’s better to drop desperate definitions about leadership and focus more on telling the editor what the press release is all about.

Companies should consider if leadership or activity in the market really is the first and most important information to give. Wouldn’t it be better to write the product information first? “Company XY introduces product Z into the market”. Later on you can elaborate further and give a brief definition of the company, such as: “The specialist for XYZ had developed products for use in YY”.

Focus on the focus. The most important aspect of a new product announcement is the product itself. I would mention the information about the company and their “leadership” in a small paragraph at the end of the press release.