youtubeFirst, don’t try to get fancy with embedding videos on your website, which in turn, needs some proprietary system that only works with your website’s CMS, use YouTube.  YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world, with over 2 billion searches each and every day, and YouTube provides the HTML code that is a sure and quick way to place those videos on your website.

People don’t always go to YouTube to search for videos, but when they do, after they have watched your video, you just have to hope that they will click on the link to visit your website or blog to learn more about your products or services.  However, if you embed your video from YouTube on to your website, you have just created a page that the potential customers can reach directly without having the extra step of going to YouTube, and the good news is it will already be indexed with the search engines.By creating YouTube videos and placing them on your website, it adds rich media, and search engines like Google love rich media; photos, audio and as we have said video.  Here are a few hints for getting the best possible rankings in YouTube video searches:

  • Number of positive ratings from viewers increases ranking
  • The number of views and comments from viewers increases ranking
  • How many times the video has been embedded on Websites, Newsletters and Blogs will increase rankings
  • Well optimised video titles, video descriptions and tags will increase rankings

Finally, by adding your videos to your website it will provide better rankings in the YouTube video search, by following these simple steps you can increase your SEO rankings with search engines in just a few days.