It is easy to see why YouTube is considered the world’s second largest search engine after Google. With more than 800 million unique visitors viewing over four billion hours of video each month and uploading 72 hours of video every single minute; it is an incredibly active online community.

The level of engagement and exposure that can be achieved with compelling video content on YouTube is enormous and some businesses are now directing more of their marketing budget towards the website’s recently revamped Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising services.

Similarly to Google Adwords; which operates on a cost-per-click basis (meaning you only pay when somebody clicks on your advert), YouTube advertising runs in the same way where you only pay when someone actually watches your video. To get started you need to connect your YouTube account to Google Adwords and then simply upload your video. You then set a budget for your campaign and target your audience based on keywords, age group, gender, location and language.

Compared with Google Adwords, the cost of YouTube PPC can be significantly cheaper due to the level of competition being much lower. And as videos have the ability to go viral it is possible to reach thousands of people very quickly. Video also has the ability to connect with your audience in a very powerful way compared with many conventional marketing methods. It is possible to invoke an emotional response in people and prompt them into following a call to action, meaning that not only can you use it as a tool to generate traffic but also to drive conversions.

With all of these potential benefits it has to be worth creating some videos!

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